First full-stack programmatic media-buying and real-time bidding
platform locally in ME

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Welcome to tapklik

we are Real Time

Bid on single impressions on various ad exchanges

we are Programmatic

Maximise ROI with our machine learning secret sauce

we are Native

Align your creatives with publishers' content

RTB Trading Desk

ONEad Engine

A peek under the hood

ONEad's powerful engine and set of algorithms, ONEad helps optimize the bid price per each impression to maximize ROI.


Support for IAB and native creatives

Run omni-channel campaigns including: display, video, mobile and native ads.


Analyze campaign perfomance

Measure the performance metrics for your campaigns on various ad exchanges through a unified report.

Bidding Logic Editor

Bring your own cooking recipe

Define the bidding logic for your campaign based on existing parameters or external streams of localised data.

Private marketplace for publishers

Tapklik's Marketplace will allow you as a publisher to define how is your ad inventory split between guaranteed buys, direct deals to preferred advertisers and remnant inventory through RTB and global ad exchanges.

  • Manage direct deals and guaranteed impressions in one place
  • Large network of safe and genuine advertisers
  • Customize your creatives offering for maximum CTR
  • Help advertisers target the right audience with additional cusomizable tagging

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